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DJ Business Cards

  • Business Card Templates

    We provide you with 1000’s of backgrounds and layout templates in hundreds of business categories

  • Online Business Card Design

    You enter your business information then customize your layout until you get it just right!

  • Business Card Printing

    We print and deliver in as little as 48 hours and have 1000’s of happy customers. Relax!

Don’t need a business card template and just want to upload a custom design for printing?   No problem.  We recognize that DJ’s are very creative people, so you upload your own custom business card design for professional printing. Ordering with Late Night Printers is as easy as 123.


Late night DJ’s and Late Night printers go hand in hand.   From the clubs and late night raves, to corporate events, weddings, and Bar Mitzvah’s DJ Business Cards include full color, photo realistic templates to effectively target the right music market.    Our DJ business cards for club DJ’s feature turn tables, retro-style DJ turntables, and state-of-the-art DJ mixing gear.   For corporate events, our full color catalog includes more generic designs featuring music, and speakers, as well as the traditional turntables and people dancing.  These unique business cards are best printed in high gloss, with our trademark UV coating on our industrial strength lithographic printing press. The turn around time is typically 10-12 days, but most DJ’s are happy because they get top quality, at high volumes and they custom printed at the price.   If you’ve ever been out on the town at night on the weekend in a high density urban location and park your car to go for dinner, but then come back to find a bunch of photo business cards stuck to your windshield, then chances are it’s from Late Night Printers.  At 2000 high quality cards for around $150, we make it extremely affordable for DJ’s to randomly drop these photo cards, or “photo bomb” parking lots around the city with their DJ services.