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Tips for Effective Real Estate Business Cards

Real Estate Business CardsAnyone who works in real estate knows how competitive a business it can be. Hesitate for even a moment and some other realtor will snatch up a desired listing and make off with the commission. Staying ahead in this game requires nerves of steel and effective business cards that will encourage buyers to contact you when they are ready to make a purchase. At Late Night Printers we have years of experience working with realtors from some of the largest agencies in the business and we know what it takes to create high quality real estate business cards that work. Here are a few tips we've learned that will improve the look of your realtor business card and help you get to the top.

Image is Everything Selling real estate requires the right personality. There will be some communication via phone and email but in the end it will be an in-person meeting where the final deal gets done. Adding your photo to a real estate business card is highly recommended since it keeps your face in front of real estate buyers. The more personal you get with your clients the better and rather than using a card that is plain black and white text go for a full color business card that has a professional photograph of you. Head shots are just as important for realtors as they are for actors so use yours to your advantage and encourage clients to call on you.

Promote what you Sell If you sell houses then use a picture of a house on your card. If you deal ion commercial property then use an image of a building. Go with what you deal in. Nothing is worse than a business card that causes confusion. If you are selling high rise luxury apartments but your card features an image of a country estate the buyer may hesitate to call on you thinking you don't have what they are looking for. Choose your images carefully and make sure it fits with your portfolio.

Call to Action In advertising everything has t have a call to action to get the consumer to click on a link, pick up a product or make a call. On your business card you want to give the buyer every opportunity to get in touch with you by providing plenty of contact options including cell phone, email and IM handle. You may also want to include a tag line or slogan that promotes your sales records or gives the buyer added incentive to contact you. A call to action is crucial to selling homes and condos and every real estate business card needs one.

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