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Metal Business Cards

Metal Business CardsHow well do you make an impression at a tradeshow or networking event? When hundreds of your business peers and possible connections are in one place, more than a succinct, informative pitch and standard business cards are necessary. So, how can you make your impression, and subsequent business, good as gold? Design and hand out metal business cards.

Made out of high-quality aluminum and coated with an attractive silver or gold finish, our metal business cards embody strength, style, and the care put into your image. The simple yet eye-catching appearance will hold the attention of any potential customer or client, and out of a stack gathered from the event or a full rolodex of contacts, your metal card will stand out. In the instance your contact is asked about a recommendation, your metal business card gleams amongst the standard cardstock.

Through Late Night Printers, all metal business cards are made out of 0.45mm aluminum stock, which is less likely to oxidize than steel. All printing is through high-resolution 600 dpi files with the standard anodizing process, and a protective coating is added after. Turnaround time for a set is five to 10 business days.

For designing a set, Late Night Printers offers a choice of styles. With a basic template, a set can be either shiny silver or gold-colored brass-plated aluminum; no matter which you choose, the radiant exterior will grab and sustain any customer's or client's attention. Lettering is done in black, blue, or red, and a special die cuts round corners and dull edges. Our metal business cards are more than an attractive design, however. For creating a long-lasting impression on anyone, each is resistant to scratching and fading, offering far greater longevity than standard cards.

Aluminum is not the sole option for our metal business cards. If you're considering a different look, contact us for specialized options, including stainless steel, brass, anodized black aluminum, or another type of metal; more color choices, or unique features like magnetic strips and etching.

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