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Magnetic Business Cards

Magnetic Business CardsThere's more than one way to make yourself memorable. But, what's the surest approach for maximum visibility? Always being present. That's what our magnetic business cards offer. Designed to stick onto any metal surface, such as a refrigerator or filing cabinet, each displays your company's logo and contact information. Once on a surface, your telephone number, address, and other pertinent information can easily be viewed.

As you plan to advertise yourself or services, consider magnetic business cards in your marketing strategy. If present at a tradeshow or similar industry event, hand out these magnetic cards to potential customers and clients. Not only will the unique design truly stand out, but the magnetic surface offers convenience for your contact long after the event is over. Unlike the others, your business card won't go into an extensive rolodex or pile, which your contact will need to search through at a later date. Instead, because of the card's prominence, your contact is more likely to turn to your business both literally and figuratively for relevant services.

All business cards are printed onto a thick, full sheet magnetic surface, which holds paper or another durable material. Late Night Printers only uses high-quality, non-flimsy magnets for all cards, ensuring your brand and contact information will always stay in good condition.

A set of magnetic business cards can be designed in thousands of ways. For a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, choose one of our many designs. In fact, one of our thousands of templates can reflect just who you are as a professional. With many of industry- and occupational themes, our selection covers eye-catching, distinctive graphics for business, trade, technology, entertainment, retail, sports, government, and transportation.

Industries and careers aren't the only options for these unique, pragmatic cards. For putting together the look you want, we have an extensive variety of neutral, nature, and image background graphics and provide customization. For the latter, check out the features of our Design Studio or upload your own artwork. Additionally, your photograph or logo can be added to any of our magnetic business cards, created from a template or customized.

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