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Designing Effective Business Cards

Designing Effective Business CardsMore than being creative or unique you want your business card to be effective. It won't matter how nicely it is designed or whether it's printed on high quality paper stock if the people you give your card to don't contact you. In business the idea is to advance and in order to network successfully you need effective business cards that work. At Late Night Printers we want you to be the best at whatever it is you do so we offer the following tips for designing and printing business cards that will help you get that all important call back.

Know Your Market You want your business card to reflect your own personality and style but don't forget that you'll be passing these cards on to other people and it's their opinion that matters. Before you design a business card take some time to think about the market you work in and the prospects who will be reviewing your card credentials. Are you in finance? Will your card be in the hands of key decision makers? Are you in business to business sales or business to consumer sales? When you know your market you can format your card with the right style and color that will make a favorable impression on the recipients.

Keep it Simple There are plenty of options for designing business cards but just because a font, material or color exists doesn't mean you need it. The last thing anyone wants when looking at a business card is to be confused as to what it is you do. Presenting too much information or having wild graphics that clash with the text is a good way to turn off a prospective client. When designing your business cards try to keep it simple and direct so someone reviewing it will know exactly what service you provide and will have an easy way to contact you.

Be Direct If someone has to guess as to what it is you do that's a good sign your business card is poorly designed. If you sell insurance than make it clear you sell insurance. Hiding behind fancy titles and enhanced graphics won't get you anywhere and the more time it takes someone to figure out your skills based on your business card the less likely they will be to contact you. Your business card should be clean, simple and direct. Adding full color and images is fine but make sure it fits with your industry and doesn't confuse the person receiving the card.

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