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Business Card Design Tips

Tips and Tricks For a Successful Business Card Design

Making The Most Of Online Design Tool

The following section presents some advice on how to make the most of the online business card templates and design tools. Likely the most important factor for a good business card design is to take your time. To make an exceptional business card design it is important to become familiar with the tools and templates. It is possible to create a card online in a matter of minutes; however, the time and thought put into creating your business card will be reflected in the final product. If you are strapped for time bookmark us and return whenever the time allows. We offer two different online design tools from two separate printers. The tools are very different, but the following design tips apply to both.

Find A Suitable Business Card Template

There are well over 10,000 "design ready" templates available for your business cards. The backgrounds are broken down into twenty main categories in an attempt to organize similar images. From those main categories countless sub categories / themes branch out. We also offer a great search function for all our images.

Proofread Your Business Card

Proof read your text/information and consult a dictionary if necessary. It is very easy to make a spelling error or accidentally enter a wrong number. Our systems are automated and we do not manually transfer your text - the responsibility of proofing lies with you. Please be sure your information is entered correctly - and as mentioned before take your time.

Design Fields, Fonts &
Layouts Can Be Changed

The default fonts, colors and layout settings in the design tools can easily be changed. You have full control over those variables and the fields, fonts and layouts are only suggestions. If you would prefer to use the suggested email field to convey your company motto.....just fill in the blanks. If the font color blends in with the background simply change it. Remember the design tool has a minimum choice of 14 font types and at least 20 color choices for your text.

Do You Need Space Between Lines?

If you want to leave a space between lines of text. Clear the field and hit the space bar once to indent the field. When the proof is updated that line will be left as a space. If you just leave that line out without hitting the space bar - the fields above and below will move down without a space between them. Keep in mind you will be giving up a potential field of text when adding that line break.

Focus On Contrast....Not Camouflage

Choose a text color that contrasts against the background image. For example on a black background you would use white for your text. You can also change the text layout so that your information steers clear of blending into the image. This can be accomplished by changing the layout positioning or flipping the image. Make sure your font color does not blend in with the background image. You can even experiment with using more than one color for your text.

Easily Readable Large Text
...Microscopes Not Required

Avoid making text too small. If you have a large company name try breaking it up into two lines. For example a company called Stan's Motorcycle & Scooter Repair could have "Stan's Motorcycle" on one line and "& Scooter Repair" below it. This would allow you to use larger text on both lines and make the name standout. When designing try to remember that a business card is only 3.5" by 2". Do not let the large image in the design tool fool you into thinking your text is large enough. Try to think in terms of the proportion of a business card. Place a business card against your monitor to get a rough idea of your proportions and sizes.

Get Creative With Keyboard Characters

It may be useful to make use of different characters on your keyboard other than just letters and numbers. For example ~-_#*-<>>>>>>>< can be used to make a cool border or emphasize something. Try experimenting with some of these keyboard characters. In addition to the keyboard supported characters the design tool also recognizes other entities such as ©, ® and ™. Here is the code to generate some common entities: &copy; will generate ©,  &reg; will generate ® and finally  &trade; will generate . The design tool must be updated twice before these characters will appear.

Ensure Proper Denotation Of Information

Ensure your information has been properly denoted. Make sure your clients know which is your phone number and which is your fax. It is a common problem that a customer can make a card with three different numbers without adding abbreviations such as Ph: Fax: Cell: before or after the numbers. However, it should not be necessary to denote email and website addresses. Most people know that is an email and is a website. You may want to put the www. before your website; however, the http:// is not necessary. Type it in your browser first to test it, but generally typing and will end up in the same place.

Don't Let The Monitor Fool You

If you think the image or font on your screen seems blurry keep in mind that a computer monitor is only showing about 7% or less of the actual final resolution of the printed image. The images you view online are about 72 to 96 dpi (dots per inch); however, we utilize graphic images that will be lithographically printed at between 360 to 600 dpi. However, in terms of text proportion remember the design tool is showing something far larger than a standard business card.

Allow The Artistic &
Computer Savvy Employee To Design

Sometimes the best business cards come from allowing the most artistically and computer inclined person from your office or household to design them.

Technical Problems?

The internet is a mishmash of different browsers, technologies and standards. What works in one may cause issues in another. A common problem people is that the browser security settings in "Internet Options" are set too high and interfere with the design and order process. Settings at medium security should not pose a problem, but occasionally people have trouble completing the order or even designing a card because the settings are set so high they will not even allow a SSL certified secure transaction. If you encounter any type of glitch or something of a technical nature please call or email us with details.

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